Exercise on the present simple, past simple and present continuous

Fill in the gaps.

Enter your answers in the gaps. When you have entered all the answers, click on the "Check" button.

1. I (to play) tennis yesterday but I (not to win) .
2. John (not to write) letters often; he (to prefer) phoning.
3. She (not to go) to work yesterday because she (not to feel) well.
4. The polar ice cap (to consist) of millions of tons of ice, it?
5. You (not to help) your brother, didn't you? - No, I (to have) to go to the dentist.

6. Where (Mr Moore - to fish) at the moment?
7. How (you - to go) to school? - I (to go - always) by bike.
8. My grandfather (not to go) to school by bike, he (to go) on foot.
9. Till last month, we (to go) swimming every week.
10. He (to write) me a last letter in juin last year.
11. Be quiet, please! I (to enjoy) a nice film.

12. (you - to know) where your brother is?
- Oh, I (to meet) him an hour ago, at Richmond Brigde.

13. (you - to know) Do you know where your brother (to be) last night?
- He (to spend) the evening with his friends.

14. Where (Dorothy - to be) ?
- She is outside. She (to play) with her baby sister.

15. What (Dorothy - to do) last night?
- She (to study) French and (to talk) to her friends on the phone.
=> (she - to study) hard?
- Yes, of course, .

16. John (to work) in the garden at the moment. He (to like) doing this
although he (to hate) it when he (to be) younger.

17. Would you like to spend the weekend with us?
- I'd love to but I (not / can) . I (to play) an important football match then.
=> Is it an important match?
- Yes, .

=> Last year, we (to spend) our vacation in Greece.
- How (you - to travel) ?
=> We (to fly) .
- (you - to like) it here?
=> Yes, we (to have) the time of our life.
- (you - can) visit all the important historic places?
=> Yes, we . But we (not to see) Athens by night.